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White Sapphire


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White Sapphire / Safed Pukhraj

The colorless variety of Sapphire is called as White Sapphire. White Sapphire is associated with Venus planet. Venus is an extremely important planet in the astrological planetary system. It is believed to hold a major say in aspects related to love, beauty, wisdom, art, creativity, wealth, and prosperity in life. All these aspects get positively influenced by this planet only in case when it is positively positioned. When it is positioned in either weak or malefic state, these aspects get adversely influenced. This stone can be brought in stone in either of those cases for the purpose of strengthening Venus, intensifying its positive influences, and nullifying its negative influences.






Benefits of White Sapphire






  • White Sapphire represents for the feelings of love, passion, compassion, and fidelity. A person who wears this stone gets conferred with these attributes in immense.

  • It is recommended as a healing stone in case where one is suffering from any sort of problem of nervous system or thyroid.

  • It is most beneficial for those who belong to the Zodiac Sign of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Taurus, and those born in the month of April or September.
  • White Sapphire improves relationship and brings charms between the two people.
  • White Sapphire positively influences Venus and removes malefic effect of Jupiter along with the Venus.
  • White Sapphire is best for people who are in the business of silver and white products.
  • White Sapphire releases the mind with the negative thought and brings positive energy.
  • White Sapphire is recommended for pregnant women for easy childbirth.
  • White Sapphire is professionally good for artist, actors and administrators.
  • White Sapphire is best for people who are in the business of silver and white products.

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