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This transit is quite different from the immediately preceding one. Now is the time to examine the problem of how you should manage your life and what duties and responsibilities that entails. This is a house of work, of tasks that need to be done which may necessitate postponing immediate gratification. Your focus should be on efficiency and effectiveness. Strive to make every action as much to the point as possible. In your work this is a good time to examine and refine your techniques and procedures, for your mind can work clearly and sharply to discover the best way of doing things.

The only problem you may have to contend with at this time is that you will probably not be on top of the heap. That is, you will probably have to work according to someone else’s wishes or needs. But because of this, you can find out whether you can lower your ego drives when the situation requires it. If you cannot, you are likely to encounter quite a bit of discomfort and conflict at this time. This is the house of service, and you cannot spend all your effort’s getting your own way now. Even if you are your own boss, you are actions will be dictated by someone else’s needs, such as a client’s or a customer’s. Or your sense of obligation may be internal. You may have to live up to your own high standards of self-control.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t have to be a time of repression and self-denial, without satisfaction. You can drive quite a bit of satisfaction from doing things well. However, you will be more inclined to look at your body and to see how its functioning can be improved. You may be unusually concerned with health and hygiene, which can be quite beneficial, as long as you don’t get wrapped up in it to the point of obsession.

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