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This is a time of year when you should turn your attention to the most outward aspects of your life-your career, your role in the larger society and your standing with reputation within the community. You should also take this time to examine your life as a whole and see if you are going in the direction you want and making adequate progress in your life. The tenth house relates to the manifestation of your ego drives within a social context. Not as personal as other houses, if affects most strongly the most external areas of your life, which are nevertheless extremely important.

One possible effect of the sun in this house is to put you in the limelight, either on a small or a large scale, depending upon the normal course of your life. You may called upon to take over the direction of a task or project in which you would have considerable power, but take note that the responsibility will be equally. It is extremely important to approach such an opportunity with proper knowledge of your strengths and weakness. At this time you do not have to be super strong or competent to succeed, because the natural flow of energies is with you. But you should know as much as possible about your real capabilities. Do not pretend to be something you are not, because the truth will eventually come out, and if you have misrepresented yourself, you will be damaged.

The tenth house also relates to one’s parents, so this transit could indicate that your interaction with them is very important.

This transit is future oriented rather than past oriented. You may have to deal with elements of your past, but only to make corrections so that you can plan more intelligently for the future. The only real danger of this transit is that if have you done something wrong in a slipshod fashion it may be exposed now and trip you up in unpleasant ways. It would be a very good idea to look over your life and correct any situations that might give you problems in this way. You can confine your concern to nonpersonal situations, although family problems may sometimes create difficulty in public at this time. This difficulty is usually indicates by a simultaneous transit by another planet that affects the tenth house.

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