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Gomed / Hessonite

Hessonite or Gomed (Hindi) is a honey colored Calcium Aluminium Silicate having an important place in the Hindu scriptures. Rahu rules the hessonite gem. Rahu is an aprakash graha, a lustreless planet, and it gives the results of the lord of the house which it tenants. If Rahu is on the ascendant, wearing hessonite may be recommended.






Benefits of Hessonite






  • People into computer jobs, politics, government services, lawyers and scientists are benefited with the magical powers of this stone.
  • Wearing a hessonite brings wealth, success, position, prestige, happiness, prosperity, good children, praise, fame.
  • The Gomed stone removes confusion and provides mental clarity and a balanced temperament. Rahu periods are often accompanied by confusion, disillusionment and lack of confidence. Gomed stone removes these symptoms and provides relief.
  • It also helps in healing diseases like cancer, varicose veins, boils, leprosy, clumsiness, intestinal issues, fatigue, blood pressure and fatigue.
  • It nullifies the effect of Rahu that effect a person on mental plane, hessonite neutralizes the malefic effect of Rahu and protects the wearer from negativity and mental anxiety.
  • By wearing the strong gemstone Hessonite, the native can get rid of all these evil impacts of Rahu.
  • To bring peace and happiness in the marital life, both husband and wife should wear a Hessonite stone to boost love, harmony and peace.
  • Hessonite is beneficial for individuals suffering from Kalsarp Yoga, fear of snakes, fear of spirits, fear psychosis and evil eye.

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