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You may feel the influence of this transit on a number of different levels. But in general you will consciously direct your attention to the subtler aspects of your psyche, your feelings and emotions and your general psychological health. Often this transit is an indication that you are much more in touch with this part of your being than usual, and it would be very good to take a look at your inner self. The activities of the everyday world do not always permit this, and you can become quite miserable by getting totally out of touch with your inner self.

One sign of this need that you may notice now is a sense of strong psychological compulsions surfacing and perhaps leading to behavior that you do not understand. At their most powerful, these compulsions can force considerable changes in your life, which are most disturbing if you do not try to get in touch with them.

Fortunately, with this transit you will have a strong desire to experience life on a feeling level, and this is just what you need. Intellectual understanding is not likely to be enough. Each time this transit occurs {it lasts for about one month every year}, you will undergo a significant psychological transformation. Traditionally this is the house of death, usually meanings the death of some aspect of yourself or your life rather than the death of a person. Under rare conditions, with many other indications, this transit can mean an actual death, but that is not a prospect to worry about in most cases.

One very real possibility at this time is that an encounter with someone will produce the need for very searching psychological self-inquiry or will force very powerful changes in your life. This person may challenge your value structure, or there may be a powerful intermeshing of your personalities.

On the material plane, this transit can be a time of great concern about finances or resources held jointly with another person, such as a spouse or business partner. By itself, this is neither a good nor a bad indication; it simply makes the issue important. You may also be worried about trying to borrow money or get financial backing from a bank.


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