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At this time of year you focus your concerns upon your most intimate personal life and the people who affect it most, your family and parents. You will want to be in familiar surroundings now and feel that you have some kind of center of place of where you can build a solid base for your activities. For most people this means a home. Although you should continue to live up to the demands of the outer world, because your personal life in interdependent with it, you should focus most of your attention inward. Even more than the sun’s transit through the seventh house, this is a time of subjective consciousness, of feeling exactly where you are with respect to the world and getting in touch with your own deepest levels. If necessary, go off by yourself and spend time in contemplation or meditation.

Events that occurred in the past may come back to you now through memories and through consequences of those events that continue to affect you now. It is often wise to find out what effects your past, your upbringing and the experience of your family have had upon you. You may want to call in another person, perhaps even a professional counselor, to help you examine the role of the past in your present life. You may find that the past has generated behavior patterns that are completely inappropriate for your life now and that such patterns are a major source of tension for you. At this time of year, psychological self-evaluation can be of enormous help in your personal growth.

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