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At this time of year your attention is turned toward the groups you belong to, both formally and otherwise, to their values and ideals and your relationship to those values and ideals as well as your own. Friendships and other relationships are important to you now, and you are examining the role they play in your life. What kinds of interaction do you have with others and how well do you fulfill each other’s needs? No one can live in a vacuum, and the function of this transit is to find out what that means for you as an individual.

At this time it is usually best to work and cooperate with other people. At other times you have found in necessary to be alone in order to find out who you are and the chief purposes of your life. Now you must ask these same questions in conjunction with others. Engaging in group efforts and projects in your personal and professional life will be the most effective way to accomplish this aim. Socialize extensively and study the people you associate with, for they are a reflection of yourself. What is true of your friends is also true of you, for the most part.

Among your friends, strive to establish who you are. Without becoming domineering, you should let them know what kind of person you are, so that you can fit into the group dynamic without violating your integrity. This is a time for team efforts, which can be effective only if everyone on the team is a fully realized individual.

Your idealism is aroused at this time, but it is personal rather than abstract idealism. It is your recognition of what you want your life to be, so follow that ideal.

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