The sun in this Third House turns your attention toward your immediate surroundings and increases your interaction with friends, neighbors, relatives and business associates the people you deal with every day. It is a good time to look at how you handle these casual relationships that are so important for your life. Often we develop unfortunate little habits in communi9cating with these people, which undermine our effectiveness and our ability to communicate with them. In fact, clear communication should be one of the goals of this period. With the sun in this house there is a temptation to pour out energy and take none in. But try to avoid this. Instead of always being the active agent in communication, be the passive one, too-in other words, listen!

This is also a time of year when the tempo of your life accelerates. There is more activity, more moving around and even a sense of restlessness that can be assuaged only by getting out and doing something new and different. You might take up the study of a subject that you have never encountered before, or you might take aeries of short trips. Taking a vacation at this time will work out, but you might find it difficult to break away from the patterns of your everyday life while on vacation. You should integrate traveling into your routine at this time, instead of using it to get away from your everyday life.

This is an especially good time to tell someone clearly how you feel about some subject. If others have been confused as to what you are doing or thinking in some area, you should be able now to communicate your real thoughts and intentions. Don’t leave people in the dark about yourself. Your mental processes should be relatively clear now, and you can use this ability to get through to others. If you don’t feel clear yourself, this is a good time to consider your own position and make it clear. For you, this is the natural time of year to do this.

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