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At this time you should reflect upon your values and the things that you value. Traditionally the second house is the house of money and a moveable property, as opposed to real estate. In modern times we refer to it as the house of resources in general and of what we value, both abstract values and material objects. During this month-long transit you should examine your relationship of the resources of your life. Do they serve your needs, or do you serve theirs? Many people, out of a misguided need for security, become so involved with their possessions that they cannot act freely for fear of damaging their own interest, that is, property, interest. At this time you need to express yourself through your material and nonmaterial resource, using them to define you to yourself and others. For example, you may feel like having a party or other celebration so that your material resources can give pleasure and amusement to your friends. You may want to show of something you own to others, because you take so much pleasure in it yourself. Obviously this can be carried too far, so that your behavior is obnoxious to others, but it can also be a source of good times for you and your friends.

More than any other time, you now want to have greater control of your life through the things that you value. On the material level this may mean that you will acquire possession in order to gain more control over your own life or over other people. On the psychological level it indicates a need to assert your value system. But remember that bothers have a right to their own values. You should stand up for your own, but not by obliterating someone else’s.

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