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According to tradition, the sun is happiest in the fifth house. With the sun here, you feel free to express yourself and to be yourself. Your primary drive is to what you want and much as possible to set your own priorities. You are not especially interested in dominating others, although you may be capable of it at this time, but you will vigorously oppose anyone who tries to prevent you from doing what you want to do.

The fifth house is often described as the house of amusement and recreation. Therefore you have a strong drive to get out and have a good time, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t, as long as you make some effort to meet your daily obligations and restrictions. But the free-spirited drive of the fifth-house sun may not want to do this, which can be a problem. At any rate you will lighter than usual throughout this period.

You may have great concern with children now, although this does not mean that you will have problems with them. It only means that your emotional involvement is great. If you have children, this is a good time to examine your relationship with them. Also you could combine two of the activities associated with this house and take your children out to have fun with them.

Your attitude toward your relationships is much lighter at this time, almost as if you saw your relationships as a stage upon which you can perform. At any rate, you favor more than usual the relationships that are fun. This same drive may lead you to a new love relationship with the opposite sex, although that is more likely if this trend is confirmed by other transits.

But don’t get so wrapped up in yourself and your enjoyments that you forget to examine yourself. This is the time to be yourself, but it also is the time to become conscious of who you are. It is one thing to be yourself; it is another to know yourself. You can use this time for both.

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