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At this time of year you should learn more about yourself through intimate one-to-one encounters with others. You will form working units with others people for various purposes, and through these units you will understand more about the effects that you have upon others. Already existing relationships of this sort will serve the same purpose, as you become more conscious of how you operate within them.

One of the most important such relationship is marriage, whether or not it is a legalized arrangement. If you are married use this time to examine your relationship does and does not fill in your life. Try to discover how well you fill your spouse’s needs as well. In any seventh-house relationship, whether it is a marriage, business partnerships or other kind of partnership, you and your partner function as a unit, either in a specific area, as with a business partner, or in all areas, as with spouse. For your own benefit, you must be as good for your partner as he or she is for you.

This is not a time of the year when you should try to go it alone in any type of activity. You should try to work with someone else, or at least seek out the opinion of another person in an advisory capacity. In business this is a good time to consult experts in whatever field you are involved in. A consultant, lawyer or other specialist may fit the requirements. The same applies to your personal life, where you may benefit from some type of counseling, if you have not been able to solve certain problems. You might consult a doctor, lawyer, psychologist, psychiatrist or even an astrologer. Such people can give you an independent perspective against which to measure your own views of the situation.

Sometimes the one-to-one encounter may take the form of a conflict. Conflict can be creative, because if forces you to examine your own position more thoroughly and thus become more aware of yourself. You and your opponent form a pair, just as you and a partner do. For the reason, the seventh house is connected with conflicts at law, and this could be a time when you legal dealings of this sort, although this would have to be confirmed by other indications in your chart.

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