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At this time you have to get in touch with your own subconscious mind, to find out how it directs your life in ways that you aren’t aware of. Try to see how your actions may run counter to your conscious intentions. We all broadcast two kinds of signals to the outer world. One kind is what we think we are trying to do. If these two sets of signals do not coincide, it is not because you are intentionally trying to deceive, but you may confuse people or, even worse, cause them to lose faith in what you are trying to do.

Particularly deadly are childhood behavior patterns that have long outlived their usefulness. They originated as a childish response to pressures that you could not understand at the time. Now that you are older and presumably more understanding, these patterns are quite inappropriate. The only way to handle them is to recognize and experience them with full and detached consciousness. That is, you must allow these emotions and feelings to exits, but recognize that they are not relevant to your adult life. This is a task that you can perform effectively at this time.

In a way, your year is ending, the year established by the transit of the sun through your natal houses. This is a good time to look back over the year and see how well you have managed the art of living. It may be necessary to be alone now so that you can reflect in peace and quiet. But there is one danger. You must be prepared to evaluate with complete honesty all your behavior and ways of dealing with the world. Anything your refuse to face will continue to be a part of your unconscious mind and will work against you when you least expect it. This is not a time to be wrapped up in your ego. You must be prepared to acknowledge your faults and your virtues without fear or self-recrimination. And you must be able to do this with regard to others as well.

Unintentionally, your actions may have caused others to work against you. Sometimes these people are not even aware that they are working against you. If you can honestly acknowledge the less effective aspects of your personality, however, you will also lessen the effects these aspects have on others.

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