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Spiritualism, Medical Science


About Astrologer

An astrologer is a person who predicts the future by understanding the positions of the planets and Sun and Moon in the birth chart of an individual and usually

Pandit Trikaal is hails from a Brahmin family. He has a great interest in Spiritualism, Medical science, Astrology, and other religions since childhood. He started learning astrology at very young age of seventeen.

His love for Astrology and its related occult field stemmed from his youth when he traveled in the pursuit of knowledge and cryptic information revealed by world-renowned Astrologers, Yogis, and Saints. He studied Tantra and Vedic Astrology by burning the midnight oil to gain as much knowledge as possible. He is the most authentic and genuine Astrologer in India, who is well versed in all the systems of Astrology.



He pinpoints the events by the use of Parashara and Jaimini System of astrology. He has the good command on Annual (Varsh-Kundali) and Horary (Prasna), a technique used when birth chart is not available and the answer to a specific question is required.He is continuing his endeavor for research and development in Astrology for effective new methods for giving accurate predictions to his clients and society in general.



He has a rich experience of more than 21 years in Vedic Astrology. During this period he has gone through thousands of horoscopes and has huge satisfied clients not only in India but abroad as well.



Served over thousands of clients, Pandit Trikaal is the most genuine and reliable Astrologer in India for Medical, love, marriage, family, career, and education related problems. His modern outlook helps him to connect to his clients and understand their problem better in order to provide the best antidote possible.

He has given lectures on Vedic Astrology in many seminars and written articles on various branches of astrology. Moreover, he has received the Brahmin Ratna Award 2017, for his accurate predictions about cricket, children, marriage, going abroad, relationship, career, business, and many other areas of life. He has expertise in Vedic Astrology, K.P. Astrology, Naadi Astrology, Parashari Astrology, Vaastu, Medical Astrology, Marriage, Child Birth, Career, Business, Finance, Property, Love & Relationship, Health and related remedial methods.


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Talktime: 30 Minutes

Validity: 45 Days

Package Price: 644 Rs.

Charges: @ 21 Rs Per Min


Talktime: 60 Minutes

Validity: 60 Days

Package Price: 1199 Rs.

Charges: @ 20 Rs Per Min


Talktime: 100 Minutes

Validity: 100 Days

Package Price: 1900 Rs.

Charges: @ 19 Rs Per Min


Talktime: 900 Minutes

Validity: 900 Days

Package Price: 15999 Rs.

Charges: @ 18 Rs Per Min

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